Zumtobel Zumtobel

The first ‘capsule collection #01‘ consists of five exclusive luminaires, which were originally developed and custom-made for special client projects and are now available to architects and light planners for the first time. The idea comes from the fashion world, where select and individual haute couture pieces are made ready-to-wear, so everyone can own an item otherwise tailored only to very few.

The limited mini-collection stands for the forward-thinking and innovative mindset of the Zumtobel brand and is meant to support projects that meet special requirements and challenges. The luminaires speak for themselves with their clear design and ability to offer creative solutions and technological innovation. Each product has its unique story of creation and was developed in collaboration with well-known architects and designers that have all made history in their own way with Zumtobel.

the editions – when Haute Couture meets the lighting world …