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Discreet but fashionable

Discreet but fashionable

ALVA gives rooms a certain sense of proportion. What matters is not so much the shape of the luminaire, but the light it creates in the room. That is why the chosen design was basic, simple and nothing new: the globe. It may have a familiar shape, but it offers an exceptional range of lighting effects. The globe can be used to illuminate an entire space, but can also be integrated on a switchable basis, serve as a downlight or provide indirect uplighting. This is what makes it new.

It can either blend into the background inconspicuously, without being noticed, or it can also be a focus of attention in itself.

The sphere is enough solely based on its form.



Luminous flux
6,500 lm
Luminous efficacy
105 lm/W
Colour rendering index min.
Colour temperature
3,000 K


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